We truly believe that people love stories. Not advertisement. That is why we do Leuchtstoff. Things that matter. Things that shine. Things that means something to people we want to address. For that we do a lot. We try new stuff. New ways. We often take the extramile. Always curious. Always with passion. With sense and sensibility.

Leuchtstoff.Media GmbH was founded 2015 in berlin by Björn Hoven. He follows his passion for movies, & brands in his job for over 15 years. He graduated from famous Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and is co-author of „Brand Content - die Marke als Medienereignis.“

As account director Björn managed digital strategies in the in the global volkswagen product placement team. At Fremantlemedia he commercialized programs like x factor to more than 30 countries as head of digital & branded entertainment. In 2013 he founded and managed Weischer.Storyhouse at germanies largest movie sales agent Werbeweischer.